Musical Theatre Categories & Classes


Additional Repertoire --

One own choice selection of Musical Theatre Comedy or Musical Theatre Ballad. Piano accompaniment only.
Cabaret Class --

A selection from a Cabaret, Revue or a similar genre Collection. Piano accompaniment only.
Comedy Class

A musical theatre song from all the genres listed in the Additional Rules #1. This selection must be of a comedic nature. Piano accompaniment only.

Ballad Class

A Musical Theatre song from any of the genres listed in Additional Rules #1 that is serious and of an introspective nature. No comedy selections permitted. Piano accompaniment only.

Production Class

No Novice entries in this class. The performer is to present a program of 2 contrasting selections taken from different or the same musical – in any of the genres listed in Additional Rules #1. The adjudication will be based on the total entertainment quality of the performance (vocal and character portrayal). Selections must not have been used in any other musical theatre class. Time limit 6½ minutes. Piano accompaniment only. Solo performances only allowed in this class.

Motion Picture Theme Song

Title selection taken from a motion picture (Non-musical Theatre) sung in a straight solo style only. Example: “My Heart Will Go On” from the Motion Picture Titanic. No props, costumes or movement permitted. Piano accompaniment only. No microphones. Solo performances  only.

Choral Musical Theatre --

Excerpts from any modern operetta or musical comedy, Gilbert and Sullivan, or school production.

Voice and actions to be judged. Costumes and props optional. Microphones are allowed, but are not provided by the Festival. Time limit 8 minutes maximum, which includes all songs and any set up between numbers.

Glee Club Competition

This Glee Competition is primarily a singing competition with a show choir structure. A presentation of one or more songs that may include, but is not limited to, musicals, Broadway and/or popular music. Adjudication will be based on 60% vocals, 20% expression/enthusiasm, and 20% choreography. Microphones, props and costumes permitted. Props must be moved by performers. Time allowed is 12 minutes maximum, including set up. Instrumental back-up tracks on CD are allowed. Please label your CD accordingly: Group name, title, runtime, etc.

Please ensure that age is on the entry form.

One entry form per performance, with all singers’ names, accompanied by full entry fee. If competitors are different ages, they shall compete at the higher age level.

Elementary School Chorus
Middle School Chorus
Secondary School Chorus
Open Chorus