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April 19, 2020-April 25, 2021 VIRTUAL FESTIVAL

DANCE & MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS I cancelled at this time


For information contact the Dance Director: Danica Venables -  250.493.8322. Click here to contact Dance Director by E-mail

It is the responsibility of competitors and teachers to follow the Rules & Regulations of the Festival. 
Entries are the responsibility of competitors and teachers
Errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the Festival. All disciplines run at the discretion of the Festival, dependent on sufficient entries.

These rules apply to Penticton Festival only – Provincial Rules vary



Virtual Festival Submission Requirements & Current Restrictions Plan:


Due to the current Covid restrictions, PKMF Dance is making every effort to facilitate this year’s event.  We thank you for your patience as we waited for a turn of events, but have chosen a Virtual route, to ensure a festival occurs. With Provincials also virtual, it feels like the right choice. 


PKMF Dance will use Edis Computers for file sharing. It is a secure and simple file sharing through our own data base system that you can access from your home computer, tablet or phone. You will be emailed a website link to upload your video. 


To ensure that all submissions are consistent we ask that you adhere to the following points:


  • Video files should be in .mp4 format
  •  Decide on a comfortable location and time to record your video (studio or stage is best). The surrounding environment should be quiet so the audio quality in the video is as a good as possible. It is important that the Adjudicator be able to view your whole body in the video. 

  • Properly introduce yourself and your performance piece; you may use a sign. ie. "PKMF Lyrical Solo, NAME." These steps at the beginning of your video will allow us to confirm your piece for the adjudicator

  • Using a smart phone (or other device), have a parent, teacher or family member record your performance. Alternatively, you can set up your phone/device on a tripod or propped up so you can make your own video. Please keep your recording device still while recording. YOUR DEVICE MUST BE RECORDED “LANDSCAPE”. Altered, edited or enhanced recordings will not be accepted

  • Review your video before you submit it. 
    • Adjudication will be based solely on the performance you submit. We request you produce a current video for PKMF, and will not accept videos from other festival submissions.  

  • Sunday April 18, 2021 is the video recording submissions deadline. No late submissions accepted. Once your video recordings are received they will be included in the Adjudicator Discipline packages.
  •  That’s it! Adjudication will happen throughout the 19-25 of April.  The adjudicator will review your submission and provide a written adjudication and mark (if applicable). The adjudicator comment sheets will be emailed to you by PKMF. The Festival Scholarship & Awards Committee will then produce the certificates, scholarships, awards and BC Provincial Festival Recommendations as described in Syllabus 2021. Continue to watch for updates.


If you do not wish to participate in the virtual festival, contact to withdraw. Thank you!


The Festival will supply sound equipment backstage including iPod hookup and CD player. Teachers/parents will play their own music from backstage. Individual CDs are not required. Backup music is the responsibility of competitor and/or teacher.    


  • All music can be on one device. A playlist for each track is recommended so music will stop when complete. A master CD may be use; be sure to select the appropriate track.
  • If using an smart phone, please ensure it is on Airplane mode
  • Please remove cases for a secure fit with the connection cord
  • Please be sure to charge your device before arrival
  • Memory sticks are unacceptable at this time



Stage will be marked for centre and quarter points. No other markings are permitted. We regret that special lighting is not possible. Marley floor will be provided.


Any dancer who leaves the stage during a performance shall be allowed one re-start for adjudication only. If the competitor is not at fault, i.e. failure of lighting, etc., the repeat performance will be adjudicated and marked as usual.

Props may be placed by teacher or volunteer. Please do not drag or push items along the floor. Loading dock is available for large items during non-competitive times. Please co-ordinate with a dance venue volunteer if using the loading dock.


  • No person may compete in 2 different entries in the same class/category. This includes GROUP DANCES. Teachers please advise dance director if a conflict occurs.
  • Changes of dance category are not permitted during the Festival, except at the discretion of the Dance Director (ie. Medical reason). All change requests should be submitted by March 1. A change fee of $15 will apply and must be paid prior to performance.