March 1, 2024


Venue: Penticton United Church




Adjudicator: Dr. Leah Field


Schedule will be posted once registrations close.



For information contact the Discipline Captain:  Joanne Forsyth - 250-767-2023 or e-mail


It is the responsibility of competitors and teachers to follow the Rules & Regulations of the festival.


Entries are the responsibility of competitors and teachers.  Errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the festival.


All disciplines run at the discretion of the Penticton Kiwanis Music Festival


and are dependent on sufficient entries.





1. All choirs will perform TWO contrasting "Own Choice" selections, not exceeding 15 minutes in total.


  a. Music must be age appropriate


  b. No props


  c. Movement only for accent, feet should always be stationary - therefore an "occasional pumped fist, a clap,

  a blown kiss, a salute, etc. will be accepted.


 2. Choral Groups may use recorded accompaniment. Please provide own equipment.


3. Song selections do not have to be listed on the registration form but must be announced at the beginning of

the performance by the conductor or a member of the choir.


4. A choir, that does not have the same grade grouping as in our school section, will enter the class whose grade has

the most students. e.g. a Grade 5/6 class - if enrollment is higher in Grade 6, enter the middle school choir.


5. Choirs wishing to be non-competitive, please check the box "non-competitive" on the registration form.


6. No microphones will be provided.


7. Accompaniment with a combo is optional for Jazz Choir.


8. Choral Directors are not to sing during the performance. This will result in an adjudication only.


9. Choirs must arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time.