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Tentative 2017 Date
Choral: Tuesday, March 7
Venue: Penticton United Church

For information contact the Captain: Joanne Forsyth, 250-767-2023
E-mail the Captain

PLEASE NOTE: The Choral Musical Theatre section is now part of the Musical Theatre discipline.

  It is the responsibility of teachers and competitors to carefully read the 
Rules and Regulations and the Vocal Rules.

All disciplines run at the discretion of the Festival, dependent on sufficient entries. 


Additional rules pertaining to Choral entries:

1. All choirs will perform TWO contrasting “Own Choice” selections, not exceeding 8 minutes in total 2. 
        a. Music must be age appropriate.
        b. No props.
        c. Movement only for accent; feet should always be stationary: thus, an occasional pumped fist, a clap, a blown kiss, a salute, etc., will be accepted.

2. Choral Groups may use recorded accompaniment. Please provide own stereo

3. Choral Groups will be allowed to use the Festival Halls for practice purposes even while the discipline is at that venue.

4. Song selections do not have to be listed on registration form, but must be announced at the beginning of the performance by the conductor or a member of the choir.

5. A choir, which does not have the same grade grouping as in our school section, will enter the class whose grade has the most students. e.g., a grade 5/6 class - if the enrolment is higher in grade 6, enter the middle school choir.

6. Choirs wishing to be non-competitive, please register in non-competitive section on page 13.

7. No Microphones will be provided.

8. Accompaniment with a combo is optional for Jazz Choirs

9. Choral directors are not to sing during performances. This will result in an adjudication only.



School Choirs, Open Ensembles $ 40.00


Contemporary or Traditional Classes (Secular & Sacred)
Please indicate movement (Contemporary) or non-movement (Traditional) on entry form.
Kindergarten to Grade 2
Grades 3 to 5
Composite School Choir (any combination of Elementary grades)
Composite School Choir (any combination of grades)
Middle School Choir (non select) Grade 6 to 8
Secondary Choir (Grade 9 – 12, non select, any combination)
Select Middle School Choir (auditioned. Grade 6, 7, 8, any combination)
Select Secondary School Choir (auditioned, Grade 9 – 12, any combination)
Vocal Jazz Choir (Grade 9 – 12, any combination)
Small Jazz Ensemble, up to 16 voices (Grade 9 – 12, any combination)
Choral with Student Instrumental Accompaniment (any group and ukulele, any group and recorder, any group and Orff instruments)


Female Choir

Male Choir
Mixed Choir

Barber Shop Chorus, Female or Male
Small Vocal Ensemble (up to 16 voices)

Junior Choir -14 years and under (without common school or affiliation)
Youth Choir - 25 years and under (without any common school or affiliation)

Golden Age Vocal Ensemble (with or without instruments)(male, female, mixed)
Golden Age Instrumental Ensemble (any combination of instruments)

Golden Age Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble
Church Choir – Junior
Church Choir – Adult

Updated: October 2013













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