Choral Provincials

2024 Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival


June 2 to 6, 2024 - FORT ST. JOHN, BC





July 25 - 27, 2024  - Victoria



Choirs do not attend Provincials in person.

Selected choirs recommended by the adjudicator are to submit an MP3 of their work to compete at the Provincial Level.


$500 GRAND PRIZE and other cash awards for the WINNER OF EACH CLASS.


Please see Performing Arts BC website for full syllabus details.




Note: Choirs submitting recordings to the Provincial level of competition must perform the same selections on which they

were recommended by the adjudicator at the local level.

1. Participation is limited to amateur choirs, performing in the appropriate class(es) at affiliated festivals.

2. A choir may enter only one choral class at the Provincial level.

3. A festival official must supervise and witness the recording of the performance of choirs recommended for Provincial competition.

4. All choral entries must be submitted as mp3 files. These should be sent as attachments to emails to the Provincial office, with the Choir name, festival and name of class in the subject line. Mp3 files must be clearly labelled with the name of the piece only and NOT the name of the choir. Please end the recording as soon as the performance is finished and do not include comments or announcements. Each piece of choral music must also be scanned, including the cover page, and sent as files with the sound files. As an aid to adjudicators, the first bar of each line in the score should be numbered and the performance key shall be indicated on the score. Please send scanned scores as PDFs and not jpegs. A pdf of the completed entry form should also be included; however, the required entry fee must still be submitted by mail. In conclusion, each email should include 5 files: 2 sound files, 2 scores and 1 entry form.

5. Recordings may be done up until May 1, with the same choir, conductor, accompanist, and accompaniment as in the original performance. The recording must be the first take. No acoustic or electronic compensation, filtering, or other enhancement is to be used while (or post) recording. When making recordings, please stop the recording as soon as the choir finishes singing.

6. Recordings and music should contain no reference to the name of the choir or its conductor. Pieces are not to be announced

7. Complete choral entries must be received at the Provincial Office by Monday, May 11.



The Provincial Music Festival provides opportunities for the following types of choral groups:

School Choirs

Community Choirs



These rules apply to all classes:

a. Only selections performed, adjudicated and recommended from local festivals are acceptable.

b. The competition is based on the performance of two (2) contrasting only one of which may include brief solo or solo ensemble passages. The total number of bars of a solo or solo ensemble passage may not exceed 10% of the total score.

c. One selection may be one or more movements of a multi movement work.

d. Ages are determined as of December 31 preceding the festival.

e. Total Time limit: 15 minutes