Musical Theatre Ages, Fees & Time Limits

 Competitive Classes

Non-Competitive Classes


 All competitors will be given an adjudication and a mark for each performance and will be eligible for appropriate certificates, cups and/or scholarships.  All presenters will be given an adjudication only.  A student of any level, 29 years and older



Primary- non competitive

 Junior Solo

ages 8 & under

ages 14 & under

$ 10.00

$ 17.00

 Intermediate Solo ages 15-18 $ 18.00

Senior Solo

ages 19 & over $ 19.00
 Production Class All ages $ 23.00
 Duo, Trio, Quartet All ages $ 10.00 per person
Groups All ages $ 40.00
Workshops All ages

$ 15.00 per person (when available)

Registration for workshops occurs at the venue, no preregistration available.