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  • Awards are given to encourage and reward the efforts of the participants. There are changes each Festival year.
    Check carefully to make sure you qualify.
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 Tentative 2017 Dates:

        April 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, May 1, 2, 3 
(Tues - Wed)
Cleland Theatre

For information contact the Dance Director: Danica Venables -  250-689-0694
Click here to contact Dance Director by E-mail

It is the responsibility of competitors and teachers to follow the Rules & Regulations of the Festival. Entries are the responsibility of competitors and teachers. Errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the Festival. All disciplines run at the discretion of the Festival, dependent on sufficient entries.

These rules apply to Penticton Festival only – Provincial Rules vary



  1. The Festival will supply sound equipment backstage including iPOD hookup and CD player. Teachers/parents will play their own music from backstage. Individual CDs are not required. Backup music is the responsibility of competitor and/or teacher.
    1. All music can be on one device. A playlist for each track is recommended so music will stop when complete. A master CD may be use; be sure to select the appropriate track.
    2. If using an iPhone, please ensure it is on Airplane mode
    3. Please remove cases for a secure fit with the connection cord
    4. Please be sure to charge your device before arrival
  2. Stage will be marked for centre and quarter points. No other markings are permitted. We regret that special lighting is not possible. Marley floor will be provided.
  3. Time limit for dancers is 3 minutes maximum for solos, duos and trios, 5 minutes maximum for groups, and 12 minutes maximum for production numbers, including set up.
  4. Duos and Trios are entered by the age of the older competitor. Group class age is determined by adding all ages together and dividing by the number in the group. All ages are determined as of December 31st before the upcoming festival.
  5. Small Group: 4 to 8 dancers, Large Group: 9 & more dancers, Extra-large groups (16 & more) may be distinguished, dependant on entries
  6. There are two Entry forms: Solo/Duo/Trio Form and Group Form.All participants for Duos, Trios and Groups are to be submitted on ONE entry form only. It is important not to list the original entrant as an additional dancer
  7. No person may compete in 2 different entries in the same class/category. This includes GROUP DANCES. Teachers please advise dance director if a conflict occurs.
  8. Changes of dance category are not permitted during the Festival, except at the discretion of the Dance Director (ie. Medical reason). All change requests should be submitted by March 1, 2017. A change fee of $15 will apply and must be paid prior to performance.
  9. Any dancer who leaves the stage during a performance shall be allowed one re-start for adjudication only. If the competitor is not at fault, i.e. failure of lighting, etc., the repeat performance will be adjudicated and marked as usual.


Dance Entry Fees

Solo Class


$ 20.00


per solo

per class

Duet, Trio

$ 10.00

per person

Groups - 4 or More

$ 7.00

per person

The Registration Program Will Automatically Create These Groupings:

6 years and under

8 years and under

10 years and under

12 years and under

14 years and under

15 years

16 years and over





For those dancers wishing to perform for Adjudication Only,

please enter the Non Competitive option (box on registration page).

No marks or placements will be awarded.



Jazz: A physical embodiment of popular music of the time. Using Jazz style, technique and music, often including body isolations, high energy, and syncopation. Jazz styling from any era. May include ethnic influence. No lip syncing allowed.

Lyrical: A dance that is generally performed to music in slower tempos and interprets the lyrics or intent of that piece of music. This genre uses a soft jazz based technique with facial and body emotion to portray an idea, story, or mood. No lip syncing allowed.

Tap: Shoes with taps. Rhythm through footwork, style and presentation. No singing by performers. Taps must be covered while in the auditorium. No lip syncing allowed.

Song and Dance: Routine suitable for a modern stage production. No vocals allowed on music track. If the performance is predominantly of a vocal nature, please enter in the Vocal section. Performance should be evenly weighted in dance and vocal display. Please state with or without props or taps.

Musical Theatre:  A number with any dance style that must be adapted from Film or Musical Theatre productions. Lip-synching or live voices are allowed.  Music may contain words or be instrumental. . BC Provincials does not allow live voices with back up tracks.

Variety: Dance suited to a stage production, review, cabaret, etc. Must be entertaining and diversified in movement. Lip syncing is permitted. Must contain a minimum of 50% dancing. Please state with or without props or taps.

Street Dance: Includes hip hop, street dance/jazz, break dancing, stomp, funk, etc.  Selective lip syncing and vocal expressions allowed, if supportive to character.


Acro: Combination of classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Solos/duets/groups with multiple "tricks" are encouraged to enter this category. No lip syncing allowed. Acro is not an eligible category for recommendations to BC Provincials from PKMF.


Production Number:  Groups only. Maximum 12 minutes. Encompasses more than one variety of dance, song and theatre styles. Opening/closing curtain can be used upon request.

Junior Choreography: Adjudication will be based on written notes, choreography, and performance. 

This category is intended for young/student choreographers. Performance may be a solo, duo or group number; solo fees apply. The choreographer may participate in the dance. Dancers wanting feedback on their choreography should be encouraged to enter in this category. Respective category (i.e., Jazz duo) will receive adjudication on performance/technique, and not on dance making. 

  • Choreography notes (1 copy) are required for the Junior Choreography category. They must be received at the Lobby Desk, prior to the commencement of the first session of the day.
  • Choreography notes (point form) to include
    • Inspiration
    • Reason for costuming choice
    • Reason for music choice
    • Movements and counts must be written out for at least one minute of the piece

Workshop Classes, Jazz/Tap: Open to ALL dancers who meet age requirements, as of December 31. Dancers wishing to qualify for Stage Provincial Representation MUST take part in BOTH Jazz and Tap Classes. If registering for the workshop online please send in $17/each. Late sign up in person will be allowed for $25.00 fee, as long as there is room in the class.
Ages for Stage Workshops are Junior, 10-12 years, Intermediate, 13-15 years and Senior, 16-20 years old.


Dress Code for Stage Workshop Classes

Participant’s grooming is important and will be noted. Absolutely no belts, trims, jewellery, leg warmers, etc. are permitted. May wear any of the following: Dark, solid colour bodysuit, tights, close fitting shorts, Capri’s, jazz pants. Solid, dark colour close fitting tops. Hair neatly groomed. Kneepads may be worn. No sweat pants/shirts. Jazz shoes, Tap shoes for designated class.

Revised September 2015

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